The UberTap - Pour Beer Faster with the UberTap

Through creative thinking, even existing products can be viewed in a new light, often with potential for greater utility
(Tom Purves, Chairman BMW (US). 

The Ubertap � the next generation of keg tap.

Improving a product that has had little design changes for generations, the Ubertap offers a hands free filling experience � consistent flow of beer is obtained by pressure being applied to the foot pump.  Multiple faucets create a rapid, easy, transition for partygoers � 5x quicker than the common keg tap. This translates into pouring at least 11 � 12 oz. beers per minute, where a traditional picnic pump posts numbers from 4 � beers with a �designated pumper� (one person pumping the keg while another person fills his/her cup) to only 2 � beers when separate individuals pump the keg and fill their own cups.

Not only is the tap releasing the liquid faster than a traditional tap, but it is also pressurizing the keg much faster. A traditional 4� hand pump pushes 9.42 cubic inches per depression while the Ubertap pushes (26.69 cubic inches per depression). This superior pumping method allows consumers to pump more air per depression and at a faster rate, as it is much easier to pump with a foot than with a hand. Plus, stating the obvious, consumers are using their foot to pump, which frees up a hand.

The UberTap - Pour Beer Faster with the UberTap