AIH Blackberry Mead Recipe Kit - Brew a Blackberry Mead

Adventures in Homebrewing Blackberry Mead Kits

This kit will make 5 gallons of Fruit based mead/melomel.

What's Included:
6 Pounds of Blackberry Puree
12 Pounds of Honey

Pre-Measured Amounts of the Following:
Acid Blend
Yeast Nutrient
Pectic Enzyme
Potassium Sorbate

Easy to Follow Instructions

Yeast sold separately.

*Honey will not ship in Glass Containers, Honey is shipped in Plastic Containers

Mead Knowledge :

The history of Mead is as long and rich and adventurous as the beverage itself. Mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverages enjoyed by man. It was most likely discovered by accident, when some thirsty hunter-gathers discovered an upturned beehive filled with rainwater. They drank the sweet water completely unaware of what fermentation and alcohol were and experienced the first intoxication. Likely it was in a quest to replicate this experience the art of mead-making was begun. Unfortunately, fermentation was not understood until the mid 1800�s. Consequently, two things occurred: First, fermentation was very unpredictable. And second, fermentation took on mystical and religious qualities. 

AIH Blackberry Mead Recipe Kit - Brew a Blackberry Mead