Five 5 Gallon Pin Lock Soda Keg Coke

Used & Pressure Tested
Pin Lock (Coke)
No Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure tested 5 gallon, stainless steel, cornelius style tank. These PIN LOCK tanks are guaranteed to hold pressure. Tanks may have some syrup residue as they have only been dumped out.
  • 22-24" Tall
  • 9" Wide
  • No Major Dents
  • Pressure Tested
  • Heavy Duty SS Kegs
  • 2 and 3 Prong Posts to Avoid Mistakes

(As of 2-17-2014 )
(We are throwing in a set of O-rings with every purchase of this keg.)

If you are just getting into kegging you will need a kegging setup to go with these kegs. We sell picnic tap systemstower systems, and kegerator systems

We know some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED kegs. Some of these kegs are probably 30 years old. Do not expect new kegs. If you are looking for new kegs, please check out our new kegs. We try and have quality kegs available at all times. With this said, they are going to show normal wear and tear. We are not implying that our kegs are not quality...we just want to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you are unhappy with your used kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.

"I am exceptionally satisfied with the keg, the shipping, and your service. I will likely be ordering again, and much appreciate the ease with which the process occurred! Thank you!" - John B.

Five 5 Gallon Pin Lock Soda Keg Coke