iSODA Mini Pearl

Product Description

iSODA Mini combines innovative product design with the latest technology to deliver one of the world�s best compact soda makers. This hand-held model produces fresh sparking water with a single turn. Perfect for picnics, camping, boating, tailgating, sporting events, home bar, kitchen and college dorm.

Make your own sparkling water, add your favorite juices, iSODA flavors or adult beverages for endless variety
Take to parties, share with friends, makes a great gift
Kit includes soda maker, 1 liter bottle with cap and 6-pack of 8g CO2 chargers
Compact size fits anywhere

Have you ever asked yourself if you should carbonate or not carbonate when you bottle your wine, mead, mixed drinks or any other of your personal homemade favorites? 
Now you're only limited by your imagination when it comes to carbonating your homemade beverages. 

DIY beverage trends � Making carbonated water and soft drinks at home allows you to customize your beverages, increase variety and flavor options, control sugar intake, and create an endless variety of healthy, fun and creative drinks for yourself, your family and friends.

iSODA Flavors are made in Italy from real fruit and natural sugar for a fresh, delicious taste � no high-fructose corn syrup, GMO and gluten free. A patented drip-free cap dispenses the right amount every time. BPA-free textured bottles extend product life. Use in still or sparkling water. Easily mix with your favorite juices and adult beverages for an endless variety of creative and delicious drinks. Perfect for parties and entertaining.

Each 500ml bottles makes 12-15 liters of soda depending on taste.

Engineered for better taste � iSODA makers have a lower system pressure that uses CO2 more efficiently. There�s less wear and tear on the makers, and they�re quieter too. Combined with the Turbo-Bubbler tip, which increases CO2 solubility, iSODA makes bubbles that are smaller, longer lasting and better tasting than many brands of sparkling water.

Cold water works best� When you make sparkling water at home, be sure to use cold water. You�ll get smaller bubbles that last longer, with a better �mouth feel.� The patented iSODA Turbo-Bubbler also creates more bubbles that are smaller and last longer, by increasing CO2 solubility

For a few ideas on mixed drink recipes, please check out the link below for some awesome recipes from iSODA!!

iSODA Mini Pearl