Still Spirits Alchemist Series Still W/Copper Re-flux Condenser (220v)

Please Note: depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.


Product description:
*The NEW Still Spirits Turbo 500 Alchemist Still W/copper re-flux Condenser. There has always been a vigorous debate over whether copper or stainless steel is the best material for a still. While Stainless Steel is more durable, copper will remove more sulfides in you final product.
Now with a redesigned outlet block, pre-packed with saddles, redesigned column nut, 2 different tap adapters, in a new craft carton, the all new copper condenser is now available.*

The Still Spirits Turbo 500 re-flux condenser works on the principles of ceiling temperatures, where it prevents chemical substance above a certain boiling point being processed. Unlike other re-flux condensers on the market, the Turbo 500 works with a focus on the water flow and controlling the temperature of the water flow out. Assuming that the temperature of the water flow is stable, it is able to create a ceiling threshold temperature based on the water flow out.

The new Alchemist Series Copper Dome will remove even more sulfides from the final product, that is the main benefit from a copper still. The more in contact with the wash the more sulfides it will remove from your final product.

(220v) Turbo 500 Boiler w/ flat lid
Copper Alembic Dome
Copper condenser w/lid plug, digital thermometer
Tubing,water flow controller, tap adapter, saddles, boil enhancers, distilling conditioner and instructions.

Still Spirits Alchemist Series Still W/Copper Re-flux Condenser (220v)