The Brewer's Apprentice


Drink up and pay homage to your favorite hobby�craft brewing beer, ciders, and meads�alongside the legends, innovators, and rising stars of the beer world!

In The Brewer�s Apprentice, you get incomparable behind-the-scenes access to the craft brewing world, along with tutorials on everything from mastering the perfect pour to designing a world-class IPA. This illustrated handbook escorts you through the steps of the brewing process and offers a unique curriculum that supports and enhances your knowledge of brewing basics.

Inside, you'll find:

- 18 world-class brewers, including Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River), Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) and Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada) as they share their expertise in vivid, engaging interviews

- Advice on sourcing the best hops, barley, wheat, and more; farm-to-table and seasonal brewing

- Strategies for setting up your homebrewing workshop to master brewing chemistry 101

- Methods for tinkering with nontraditional ingredients and extreme brews

- Techniques for brewing mead, sour ales, and cider

This book is not the comprehensive text that Palmer's How to Brew is, but it is an excellent gift for either the beginner or expert.  Interviews with brewers focus on their specialty knowledge from dry hopping to lagering.  This is probably the best coffee table book in our library and makes a perfect gift for your aspiring brewer or expert beer drinker.

The Brewer's Apprentice