Brewing Quality Beers by Burch

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Brewing Quality Beers: The Home Brewer's Essential Guidebook by Byron Burch

Now you can learn the secrets of successful home brewing from America's foremost teacher of the craft!  

Discover a kaleidoscope of beer styles, ranging from golden lagers and pale ales, to rich porters, barley wines, and imperial stouts all of which you can brew in your own home.

Brewing Quality Beers, the second edition is a text on brewing from the personal notebook of the 1986 National Homebrewer of the Year.

This expanded, second edition includes detailed instructions for kegging draft beer at home, step-by-step mashing procedures for all-grain brewing.  Water treatment and hop bittering tables for the most common beer styles and a section of all-grain recipes for advanced brewers are included as well.

"Brewing Quality Beers is a GREAT book!  The information, organization and style are all aces.  Incredibly concise and complete."  Greg Noonan, author of Brewing Lager Beer.

Brewing Quality Beers by Burch