Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione - Deluxe Edition

Extreme Brewing, Deluxe Edition by Sam Calgione


Sam Calagione�s authoritative primer Extreme Brewing, long required reading for any serious homebrewer, is now revised and expanded. Inside this deluxe edition, you'll find:

 Recipes for homemade beers that are among the most exciting and exotic today: Double IPA, Punkin� Porter, Belgian Brown Ale, and more than 30 other unique concoctions.

 14 additional recipes that are new to this edition, including the Coffee & Cream Stout and the Smokin� Cherry Bomb.

 Step-by-step instructions and insider tips for making recipes that expand the definition of great beer.

 Tips on presentation and food pairings, recipes for beer-infused dishes, and fun ideas for beer-themed dinners that let you share your creations with family and friends.

Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione - Deluxe Edition