Wyeast 2272 North American Lager Yeast

Beer Styles:Classic American Pilsner, Premium American Lager, Standard American Lager, Lite American Lager, Dark American Lager
Profile:Traditional culture of North American and Canadian lagers, light pilsners and adjunct beers. Mildly malty profile, medium ester profile, well balanced. Malty finish.

Alc. Tolerance 9% ABV  
Flocculation     high
            Attenuation      70-76%              
Temp. Range   52-58�F (11-14�C)

Lager yeast will usually be slow to start fermenting. When pitching a lager, it is suggested that you pitch at least twice as much yeast as you would an ale. For this reason, we always recommend a starter for lagers

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Wyeast 2272 North American Lager Yeast