Ultimate Mash Tun Brew Kettle for All-Grain Brewing

These are new keg kettles we had made! Two welded 1/2" ports, top cut out. AIH has included our SS false bottom with supports for maximum efficiency!
To make this a truly Ultimate Mash kettle, we recommend these add-ons at a discounted price:
Brass pump connections 

The brass pump connections are a 1/2" nipple that screws into one welded fitting on your kettle, then a hose swivel and swivel/1/2 female pipe fitting.  This allows your March pump to be easily attached and hang on the kettle, a final adapter connects to the output end for attaching a braided hose for recirculating your wort during the mash.

Click on link below for instruction sheet for assembling the false bottom


Ultimate Mash Tun Brew Kettle for All-Grain Brewing