Cellar Craft Amarone Wine Kit - Brew an Amarone

Amarone is a legendary, assertive wine from the Valpolicella area in northern Italy. Its uniqueness and character comes from the addition of partially dried grapes during fermentation. Dried grapes boost flavour concentration and create an intensity not found in regular wines.
After 2 years of development, Cellar Craft has created a new process resulting in the most impressive Amarone style that you have likely ever experienced.

Our new "SUPER PACK" of crushed grapes and whole, sun-dried grapes is added to the juices for traditional on the skins fermentation character and the maximum infusion of the concentrated, natural essence within the dried grapes.

In all, 14 pounds of virgin, finifera, varietal grapes are used to produce the SUPER PACK. 40% more than our regular "Crushed Grape Pack"!

The Montepulciano wine kit comes with everything you need to make 6 gallons (which will result in approx. 30 750ml bottles) of finished wine. This kit includes:

  • Juice Concentrate (16L)

  • Yeast

  • Stabilizers

  • Clarifying Agents

  • Crushed Grape Skins

  • Oak (only if the style calls for it)

  • Full Set of Instructions

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Cellar Craft Amarone Wine Kit - Brew an Amarone