Blichmann 55 Gallon Extension for Boilermaker

2 Barrel 55 Gallon Boilermaker Extension

The only extensions Blichmann has available have the G2 finish. The extension will work with both G1 and G2 pots but the finish matches the brushed look of the G2 pots.

A slide-in extension to increase the volume of the 55 gal BoilerMaker pot (either G1 or G2) to 100 gal gross capacity. Includes extension with level gauge, handles and large o-ring. Extension removal tool is required to separate the extension from the 55 gal pot and must be purchased separately. Only ONE tool is required for each brewery. Also, the sight gauge that has been marked up to 100 gallons. The original kettle lid fits on top. This is designed for 2BBL batches! A great way to double your batch size without having to buy a new stand or set of kettles!

The 55 gallon kettle with extension attached is 55" tall without the lid, 57.25" with lid.

Blichmann 55 Gallon Extension for Boilermaker